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How you can sale your products on your own amazon store

March 2, 2020Technology , Web

Every now and then we hear how eCommerce is booming and how amazon market place is turning out to be a boon for many small scale businesses.

The draw for current and new sellers coming into this ecosystem is the huge traffic they could attract from this great eCommerce machine. Over the years, Amazon marketing service has built a reputation for being a reliable eCommerce seller. With 50% of products sold on amazon market place coming from sellers like you and me, it’s no wonder sellers capitalize on this opportunity.

How Amazon Seller Account Work?

Amazon’s marketing platforms are used by brands and merchants to sell products directly to their consumer. Selling your product on amazon or any commerce has become easier due to this business model.

As a marketplace seller, you have two options for fulfilling the orders you receive from Amazon’s customers. You can handle the shipping, customer service, and returns for each individual order yourself or you can allow Amazon to handle this for you by enrolling your products in the Fulfilled by Amazon or “FBA” program.

What is Amazon?

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Amazon is the giant of the commerce business, Amazon’s marketing service deals with logistics, payments, hardware, data storage, and media. Apart from

eCommerce there are various other industries it dabbles into.  It is on the go site for both shoppers and merchants.

How To Register With Amazon Seller Account?

Even if you are a beginner, the process of starting out on amazon seller isn’t that hard. There are two plans to choose from: The individual seller account and professional seller account.

The individual seller account charges per unit-fee of the item sold. Whereas a professional seller account charges a monthly subscription, irrespective of the number of items sold.

People who know that want to scale their operation do not hesitate to subscribe to a professional seller account.

You can go to Amazon’s Selling Centre to Register yourself

Necessary Steps to take While Creating an Amazon Seller Account

The registration process if fairly straightforward and you need to fill up some basic information to get started. While the information required to register you account differs from country to country, the basic information remains the same. While amazon allows you to back and refill the information, you should always gather the required information before you start filling the form.

  • Your Legal Business Name, correct address and contact information.
  • An official email id should be used to register your business, you need to have this email id ready before hand, as amazon starts sending your emails almost immediately.
  • A chargeable credit card with valid billing address and contact information. (If the credit card isn’t valid, amazon will cancel your registration.)
  • A valid phone number where you can be reached during the registration process to verify the details. ( so have your phone number ready near you. Amazon seller account is very thorough with the information they gather.
  • You Tax and GST information.

How To Add Products Into Your Amazon Seller Account

The add a product tool helps you to add a product that is currently unavailable in your country.

For Example: If you have a book to sell, but you cannot find the bookon amazon.in , you can use add a product tool to create a page for the book in amazon’s book category. The page becomes a permanent part of amazon’s catalogue. You must create the product in appropriate category, This way it will help amazon market your product if necessary.

Here is a step by Step Procedure:

  • Log into your amazon seller account, go to your inventory tab and then click add.
  • First determine if the product you are trying to add exists in the amazon’s product inventory. Copy the ISBN code and search it in the amazon search box, if your product doesn’t exist you can click on create a new button.
  • The tool will prompt you to selecyt a category of the prouduct. Choose it carefully since once its dome, you cannot change it.
  • All the vital inormation about the product, keywords, description, images and other details.
  • When you finish entering all the information, click save and finish. You will see a success message letting you know your page is created.
  • It can take upto 2-4 days for your products to be visible on the website.

How to Effectively Sell Your Products on Amazon

Here are some of the tips to effectively sell your products on Amazon

  • Build your Brand: Set a budget aside to build your brand. Analyze your competition to know ehat price strategy and offers are effecctive.
  • Market your Page: With the help of amazon you can market your page by running paid advertisements and promotion deals. Amazon marketing strategies are really strong and if your product is selling weell, you should grab the opportunity to leverage their strategies.
  • Encourage Reviews: The first thing a reader does is to read the reviews before buying a product. You need to make sure you receive positive reviews. If not you need to tackle this issue head-on.
  • Setup Fulfillment by FBA: Amazon offers great quality and delivery, which is why consumers are so loyal to the company. Having Amazon on your side, organizing orders and handling behind-the-scenes work through Fulfillment by Amazon will attract more buyers and boost your sales. FBA is a service designed to meet your needs as a seller, such as shipping items stored at fulfillment centers and handling customer service issues.

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