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7 Online Reputation Management Tips to Spotlight Your Brand

November 28, 2018Development , Technology

Having an online reputation management company is essential for any business. With growing competition, the race to come first for any brand has become crucial. People today are wary of advertisements, there are too many of them if you have noticed.

People today understand if you are just trying to sell them products. So they only believe in the word of mouth. They depend on the opinions shared by others, All this shows that customer feedback is an important parameter in building up a business.

Businesses need to make sure they have a solid online reputation strategy in place. With growing competition and customer’s easy access to the company’s online profile, someone can easily tarnish the image. Thus trust, reputation management, reviews should be part of any online reputation management strategy.

In this article, I will show you 3 Online Reputation Management tips, which you need to implement as soon as possible.

Online Reputation

  1. Broaden your Internet Presence

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the big three of any social media presence. But you need to diversify your presence to reach a mass audience. There are hundreds of other communities where you may not find as large audience as these three but it is enough. The key to determine is which platform does your audience primarily spends their time on.

B2B products can leverage Linkedin with like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs who might benefit from their service. B2C entrepreneurs may showcase their brand on platforms where the younger crowd spends their time. You need to understand the pulse of your audience to build the reputation. Especially with eCommerce ORM, you need to make sure you have excellent customer service. Bad customer service will definitely give you a bad reputation in the market. Expanding your reach on different social media tools will create a reputation that you take your customers seriously and want to connect with them on every possible platform.

Your ORM service should not only work in reactive mode. That is the strategy should not be placed only when you receive some negative reviews but also try to create a positive image around your brand.

2. Pay Attention to Your Social Media Accounts

 Online Reputation Management

Simply having multiple social media accounts is not enough. You need to closely monitor how your audience engages with your brand. Is the response positive or negative, Is your content adding to your overall brand image? By continuously filling your social media with relevant and high-quality content, you are building a reputation of being someone trustworthy. Neglecting to keep up with your social media might indicate that you do not take this platform seriously.

3. Keep an Eye on Online Reviews

One of the most effective ways to build your online presence is by managing your online reviews and testimonials. Most of the people read online reviews before they interact with any company and hence you need to have a special strategy in place. There are so many ORM tools which can help you manage this activity.  With this in mind, asking your customer base to provide reviews on Google My Business, Facebook and/or Yelp will help your business generate a positive reputation in order to build consumer trust.

4. Update Your Blog Frequently

Blogging is a great way to invite new users to your brand. Regularly blogging allows you to demonstrate expertise through your knowledge. Also, it provides your users with useful information about the industry. Your ORM service should have a comprehensive blogging strategy which can place you as a someone as an authoritative organization.

5. Listen to Your Customers

When dealing with negative comments, you must have empathy and patience towards your customers. Especially when the complaint is too specific. There are various ORM tools which can notify you whenever your brand is mentioned on the Internet.

Make sure you address all your comments personally, positive or negative. You must respond in a way that shows respectfulness towards the customer. The reviews could drive away from the potential customers and hence your ORM strategy must have a clear approach while dealing with negative comments.

6. Make Genuine Amends

Errors are inevitable and even your custom understands this. But you need to make sure you amend your error for the future. If your company makes a mistake, it is important to own up to it and make a genuine apology for those who have been affected. A sincere apology with genuine amends could work wonders when it comes to diffusing a bad situation and maintaining the relationship. The primary job of an ORM service is to maintain a relationship with the customers even in the times of adversity.

7. Invest in Online Reputation Management Service

Unfortunately, many businesses refrain from investing in reputation management and then face the dire consequences. Pro-active reputation management should be a part of any digital marketing strategy. If you lack the knowledge, you can always hire someone who knows the nuances of handling the online reputation management service. A well-managed ORM service is worth the investment.

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